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Hi my name is Brendan Mangnitz and I operate a professional Raccoon Removal Company based here in Cocoa Florida. For 10 years, we have been delivering the highest level of service to our customers and solving Raccoon Problems quickly four our customers here in Cocoa. As a full-service Raccoon Removal and Wildlife Control service company, we will provide Raccoon trapping and removal services, Raccoon Attic sanitation, and Raccoon Damage repair work. Call Us Today we'll solve your Raccoon Problem Fast!

Raccoon Removal in Cocoa, FL

Cocoa Raccoon Removal is a Pest & Wildlife Control company serving residential, commercial and municipal accounts in Cocoa and surrounding counties. We specialize in Raccoon removal, Raccoon Control and Raccoon Feces identification in Cocoa, FL. Call us 24/7: 1-321-236-9031

We are a family owned Wildlife and Raccoon Removal company operating in Cocoa FL. We are blessed to live and work in this beautiful area. Many of our clients enjoy watching backyard wildlife & Raccoons from a distance and are even tolerant of insects as long as they stay outside. It is when Raccoons start moving into our homes or spending too much time in our yards that they truly become pests. That’s where we come in! Whether a raccoon moves into your attic or Raccoons get into your garage & trash. Our Raccoon Removal Specialists can handle all aspects of your Pest Raccoon problem. Our goal is to keep your family, your pets and your home or business safe from pests. With over 35 years of combined Cocoa Raccoon Removal experience managing residential, commercial and municipal accounts in and around the Cocoa area, you can rest assured that our team will get the job done. If you are having trouble with any nuisance wildlife or are overrun by Pesky Raccoons give us a call today! In many cases a quote may be given right over the phone after we ask you a few questions about your particular Raccoon Removal problem.

Raccoon Removal Cocoa, FL

Regardless of species, wild animals all have individual personalities and there is no “one size fits all” control plan. Each Raccoon Control job in Cocoa Florida is unique and should be handled as such. It can be difficult, dangerous and even illegal for a homeowner to handle themselves or let an unqualified person attempt to. You really need someone who understands Raccoon Biology to be able to properly solve your wildlife problem. All our our Raccoon Removal programs in Cocoa our structured by our Head Animal Control Expert & Founder Brendan Mangnitz. We will assess your particular problems and implement a program to meet your wildlife control needs while taking all applicable regulations into account. We practice integrated pest management and not every job will require trapping. In some cases we can simply help you modify the habitat around your property to discourage unwanted animals from staying there.

Centurian Wildlife Control is licensed by the Cocoa Wildlife Resources Agency and the Florida Department of Agriculture. We are also Bonded and Insured so you can rest assured that Cocoa Raccoon Control, FL can handle all of your Animal Control & Wildlife Removal needs. We get the job done FAST!

Cocoa Raccoon Trapping 1-321-236-9031

Cocoa Raccoon Removal Experts provides animal trapping services and Critter Control throughout the Cocoa, Palm Beach County And the surrounds Cocoa areas. We also use live Raccoon cage traps whenever possible to capture the targeted nuisance raccoons. We use several makes and models of Raccoon traps to solve specific problems for our clients. Some of these traps may look a little strange and aren’t what you might find available at the local hardware store but they are all considered to be humane despite their looks. Live Humane Raccoon Cage traps are our “go to” in most cases but some species are not able to be captured in this type of trap and we may use a variety of other control methods to solve your Raccoon Removal problem. The Raccoon baits we use to trap animals may vary from junk food to species specific pastes depending on location and what we age of the Raccoon we may be trapping.

Raccoons in Attic in Cocoa FL

Safety is our number one concern when determining the location and style of trap to use on a Raccoon Removal job. We ask that you please be sure to let us know if you have any particular concerns about an area to be trapped. We do our best to ask the questions that guide the safe placement of Raccoon traps but care should still be taken to keep children and pets away from them. We realize that the opportunity to view a trapped raccoon or raccoon pup up close is very tempting (no one seems to want to check out the skunks!) but even a caged animal can pose a threat, especially Raccoons who are strong enough to bust out of their cages. This is why you should always use a professional for Cocoa Raccoon Removal Specliast. If the situation allows, we will give you the opportunity to take a few Pictures of Raccoon Poop and get a closer look when we pick the Raccoon up.

Raccoons in your attic in Cocoa Florida? 1-321-236-9031

The one way Raccoon valves shown below are often used to remove Raccoons from attic areas. These valves are placed as we seal up areas of the home that Raccoons are using. They normally are left in place for a week or more depending on the severity of the problem. After that, all remaining entry points are sealed once we’re sure that the Raccoons have safely made their way out. Raccoon work is regulated by the season, mating and breeding seasons can sometimes make it harder to remove a pregnant female raccoon from the attic. You also need to be very careful to make sure that you remove all the raccoon pups from the attic before completely sealing up the home. You don’t want to accidently trap any baby raccoons up there! If you feel that you may be having an issue with Raccoons in Cocoa be sure to call us immediately!

Raccoon Proofing your home | 1-321-236-9031

Once the Raccoons are removed from your structure we can help keep them out! Raccoons leave a mess behind, here are some http://animalcontrol-experts.com/howtoraccoons_raccoonpoop.html. Feces and odors from their presence can draw more wildlife to the area. Although we ensure that the Raccoons we remove will not make it back to your property, the point of entry will be there for the next animal unless it is properly sealed. Cleaning up the mess and properly sealing entry points is essential to keep your structure pest free in the future. Our Raccoon Removal Experts use quality materials to properly seal your home from raccoons, our unique Raccoon exclusion techniques are guaranteed to animal-proof your structure and seal out future problems.

Raccoon Control Cocoa Florida

We Provide Emergency Raccoon Removal Services In The Cocoa Area. GIVE US A CALL any time day or night we are open 24/7: 1-321-236-9031 and we can dispatch one of our highly trained professionals Raccoon Removal Experts who have the proper experience to rid any structure of raccoons. Once the Raccoons are out our tech's upon hire can use the necessary heavy duty construction grade materials to permanently keep the raccoons out as well as clean up the mess left behind. (ATTIC DECONTAMINATION).

"We Get Em' Out & We Keep Em' Out"

Our technicians are highly experienced with all roof types and attics as well as with all property types whether its commercial or residential we can get the Raccoons out and Keep Them Out. We've seen it all, we’ve done it all, no matter the structure type we can handle it!

If you feel your attic or property has a problem with raccoons give us a call and a representative will be sent to your location to perform a thorough Site Evaluation which consists of inspecting of the roof, attic space, and any/all other concerning areas.

Raccoon Removal Cocoa

Raccoons causing damage in your home or business in Cocoa? Call our state certified raccoon removal experts at Advanced Wildlife Management. We are state certified, fully licensed and insured with years of experience in Cocoa Raccoon Removal. We deal with residential and commercial raccoon problems using methods that are safe and effective for your family, pets, home, and business. Our humane techniques of removal are why we are the best choice for homeowners, businesses, property managers, and government. Our raccoon removal step-by-step solutions will effectively solve raccoon problems permanently.

We can remove raccoons promptly and safely. Our humane solutions remove raccoons, and our restoration team can repair any raccoon damage. We cleanup any contamination or debris left behind. Raccoon trapping can be difficult if you’re not a professional. Failed attempts to trap a raccoon or control a raccoon problem, can cause a raccoon to become “trap shy” and they will gradually stay away from traps. Let our professionals control your raccoon problems safely.

Raccoon Diseases in Cocoa FL

Raccoons seen during the day seems to cause a panic, and its often thought the raccoon is rabid. Raccoons in residential areas are susceptible to rabies and other diseases but will move during the day if food is readily available. Raccoons can be infected with rabies, raccoon roundworm, and raccoon distemper, which can be hazardous to people and pets. Chances of incidental exposure to any of these are greatly increased when raccoons move into a attic, crawlspace, or close proximity of your home. Avoid areas that may harbor raccoon contaminates or raccoon latrines. Contact Raccoon Removal Cocoa Experts for disinfecting, sanitizing, deodorizing, and restoration services.

Raccoons in the Attic in Cocoa FL 1-321-236-9031

If you are hearing strange noises in your attic area/crawl spaces etc. and are under the impression that a Raccoon and or other animal type is in your attic. We can help, our staff of trained professionals can perform a Full Property Inspection which includes a thorough inspection of the properties attic, home interior, roof, and any other areas of concern.

Why Are Raccoons In My Attic??!!

A very frequent call we get here is for noises or something in the attic. Most often it is a raccoon, but we also of course find many other types of nuisance wildlife in attics as well. One may ask "Why do raccoons always end up in the attic"? And the best answer we can come up with is its a perfect place for not only raccoons but several other types of nuisance animals as well to get out of the elements. It is a perfect habitat for nuisance animals. The attic space acts almost as a cave and is perfect for harboring young.

Raccoons can be destructive and dangerous to your home and family. Raccoons are primarily nocturnal animals but can be seen in daylight when there is an available food source. Due to raccoons adaptability it is common for them to use urban areas as a habitat, living and sleeping in areas such as garages, abandoned houses, and most commonly attics.

Safely removing raccoons and closing all possible entry holes to your property is essential to preventing future invasions from the raccoons, and this is a job that is best left to an experienced professional. Raccoons are also known to cause damage to attic insulation as well as leave behind fecal matter.

If any Raccoon fecal matter is present in your attic space make sure to do a little research about Dangerous Raccoon Feces and what we can do to protect you and your family/business.

If you feel your attic or property has a problem with raccoons give us a call and a representative will be sent to your location to perform a Site Evaluation which consists of inspection of the roof, attic space, and any other concerning areas. During the site evaluation a technician will be determining how many raccoons are in the attic and the severity of your problem as well as what areas are vulnerable to future entry.

Our repair work is backed by a Warranty in which you are protected for that period of time. If you have any further problems raccoons within the warranty time frame just pick up the phone give us a call and we come back out at no additional cost to address your raccoon situation.

Raccoon Feces Identification in Cocoa Florida 1-321-236-9031

Knowing how to recognize raccoon droppings is important to you because raccoon feces can be extremely dangerous. Many people live near raccoons and don’t even know it. Raccoons are well known to live in the metro Cocoa area. If raccoons are present in the area where you live, you probably know that they are fierce as well. They will tip over garbage cans, destroy gardens, tear apart chimneys/siding to gain access to properties, cause severe damage within attic's, and if raccoons are cornered, they have also been known to attack a person or other animal.

Raccoon Attic Cleanup, Deodorization & Disinfection | 1-321-236-9031

If your property has had Raccoon's living within the attic space wether it was a week, months, or years. It is very important to understand the health risks the fecal matter left behind by these animals pose to you and the others within the living space. Any animal stool should be treated as Hazardous Waste. Please refer to our Dangerous Raccoon Feces Page. Professional Insulation Removal is something that we take very seriously. Our technicians have developed a safe, effective procedure for removing fecal matter and soiled insulation from attics or crawlspaces.

We use commercial Insulation Removal Equipment, we are able to remove all of the insulation in an attic WITHOUT any of the unwanted contamination traveling through the living space of the home or business. This ensures that none of the dust, debris or animal feces in the attic makes its way down into the living spaces. This is the safest and most practical way to Remove Old Insulation From An Attic.

We are Professionals at removing, decontaminating, and re-insulating attic’s or other spaces which require insulating. We will remove all damaged insulation, removal all fecal matter, dead animals, and or nesting materials left behind.

Once all debris is removed We follow with our biohazard fogging, We fog the attic with a special enzyme-based cleaner which Kills 99.9% of Germs, Bacteria, & Pararsites. It also destroys any organic matter such as urine or animal oils. (Fogging is not harmful to humans and pets WHATSOVER.)

Our Raccoon Attic Decontamination Procedure's:

Insulation Removal: Insulation removal is performed a few different ways depending on the style of insulation. Most commonly we come across loose fill insulation which is removed with a large vacuum equipped with 4 to 5 inch hoses sucking up all insulation. The old insulation will then be removed from the property and recycled or disposed of at the Nearest Community Landfill. The removal procedure generally takes one day to perform depending on size of home.

Clean Up: A Cleanup consists of removal of all accessible fecal matter as well as any nesting areas, or debris left behind by animals. Raccoon Attic & Roof Dropping Removal.

Deodorization & Disinfection: Once all insulation, fecal matter, and debris is removed we follow through with our bio-hazard fogging. We fog the attic with Bio-Shield’s Pure Green 24 Product which is a special enzyme-based cleaner that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria, & parasites, also destroying any organic matter such as urine or animal oils. (Fogging is not harmful to humans and pets).

Insulation Installation: Once the old insulation, fecal matter, and debris is removed and the deodorization processes has cured. Loose fill fiberglass insulation, batt style insulation, or cellulose insulation will be blown/applied back into the attic at the homeowners desired level.


We Are Cocoa's Premier Raccoon Removal And Exclusion Team For Effective Solutions To STOP Raccoon Problems For Good. Our Raccoon And Wildlife Proofing Techniques Will Ensure The Raccoon Problem Will Not Reoccur. Raccoon Encounters Have Become A Major Issue In Cocoa But its nothing OUR Raccoon Removal Specialist's cannot resolve.

Raccoon Problems Are Very Unpleasant And Distressing For Any Home Or Business. Racoons Breed Once In Spring, There Feces Can Carry Disease, And Raccoons an Cause Some Serious Property Damage. Raccoons Leave Behind Droppings And Create Costly Damage. Dead Raccoons And Their Young Can Be Difficult To Find And Remove, Not For Us We Are Cocoa's Raccoon Removal Experts. We Are Fully Equipped And Knowledgeable To Permanently Solve ANY Raccoon Issue Type For Good.


Raccoon can wreak havoc on you home and yard during the mating and rearing seasons. They will raid bird feeders, trash cans and yards for food. Once a steady food source has been found, the raccoon will likely move in for good! Female raccoon will seek out safe and warm shelter to raise their young. This may be in a backyard shed, under your house or in your attic. They will actively seek out damaged or faulty construction to gain entry into their new home. We see it every day!

We always provide a permanent solution to your raccoon problem by determining the points of entry and sealing them as well as sealing other vulnerable points of entry called an EXCLUSION. We use top of the line materials and All of our work comes with a Guarantee.

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